Posted by: Jim Laurie | December 1, 2010

Done It Again

Last night I tried to overdose. I have too many things to deal with. I am out of touch with my own feelings and reality at times. I have a contract out on me, my wife and part of my life has been taken from me also. I still suffer from torture as a child from my father, and there just are things that I can not deal with.

But, than I heard HER voice. In the hollow tunnel of my mind, I heard HER voice trying to bring me out of it. A friend of mine, came to the house and made me throw up the pills. While she was there, she cleaned me up and got me to lay on the couch. I do not know when she came to the house, nor do I know when she left, but this morning all I knew was I was still alive…NOT WHAT I HAD PLANED!!

I do not know if and when I will try again. but the love of a good woman might just be my saving grace—at least from myself. She has allot of faith in me—God only knows why, but I know she stays by my side NO MATTER WHAT I DO….

True love and devotion======where can you find someone like that!!! I AM blessed !!!!

Master Giley



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